Energy Projects |

  • Hellisheidi Geothermal Plant, Iceland | Create control drawings, commissioning and testing of the control system (together with Rafteikning hf, Iceland)
  • Lagarfoss Hydro Power Plant, Iceland | Control drawings & circuit protection diagrams (together with Rafteikning hf, Iceland)
  • Small Hydropower Plant, Bulgaria | Consultancy services

Pharma Projects |

  • Actavis, Iceland | Participation in design, tender documents, evaluation of bids, erection supervision, testing and commissioning of all electrical, control and security equipment (together with Rafteikning hf, Iceland)
  • Actavis, Malta | Participation in design, programming and commissioning of control for HVAC (together with Rafteikning hf, Iceland)
  • Actavis, Bulgaria | Luminary design and calculations to build a new 15 000 sqm production area; Control system for low humidity system, engineering and validation; High accuracy purified water dosing system, engineering and validation package; User Requirements Specifications (URS), Functional specifications (FS), Functional Design Specifications (FDS), Software Design Specifications (SDS), Validation Plans, preparation and execution IQ, OQ, DQ, PQ protocols for dryers, coaters, high shear mixers, lab coaters and WIP systems
  • Gerard Laboratories, Ireland | Validation documents for process and packaging equipment, GAMP4 and 5
  • HBP, Ireland | Particle counting, humidity, and temperature mapping class 8 ISO
  • Antibiotic, Bulgaria | Upgrade of fluid bed dryers and coating pans, including process, mechanical and electrical design work, selection of equipment and instrumentation, PLC and SCADA programming, validation of the systems
  • Alvogen Pharma, Bulgaria | Thermal mapping of warehouses and cooling rooms
  • GE Pharmaceuticals, Bulgaria | Temperature and humidity mapping of facilities
  • Kendy Pharma, Bulgaria | Validation of facility building and production machines
  • O'Hara, Canada | Engineering and Validation services for continuous and lab coaters in domestic and West European projects
  • N & F Pharma, Bulgaria | General services to build a new water for injections plant; develop full process technology, facility models and clean rooms, staff and material flows; solutions for the equipment using different frequency and voltage; preparation technical documentation about autoclaves, filling, dosing and packing machines and the compressed air system; P&ID diagrams
  • Roche, Bulgaria | Validation of drug warehouse: ficilities, backup power supply, cooling room, etc.
  • Adipharm, Bulgaria | Qualification of HVAC